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Our Team of Chefs

Foodmaniacs is run by 2 crazy but dedicated, driven and well known chefs on Bonaire. Meet Han ten Winkel and Floris van Loo, both with years of experience creating top quality food. Food that combines all our experience as chefs. We would love to give you an experience that will go above and beyond your expectations. 

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Have a intimate romantic dinner for 4 or a great wine and dine experience with friends and family, a backyard/porch BBQ or just something different for a change?! Our team will give you a great dining experience. If you have any dietary restrictions or you have any special requests.
Just let us know.

*  filling in a request is not a final booking. We will reply and confirm.

Bonaire Best Kept Secret

Foodmaniacs may be one of the islands best kept secrets. We are able to “cater” to a select amount of guests and aim to please those select few. If only the best is good enough…. Contact the Food Maniacs Bonaire! 

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